Introduction to PoolingMed Co., Ltd.

PoolingMed Co., Ltd. is the company in China which focuses on providing medical research consulting and technical services for clinical doctors. Its services include research project design & implementation, data processing & analysis, and research reports summarization. 

We have employed a professional team led by full-time scientists who used to work in the world-renowned institutions. Our technical team is especially expert in eight areas of research, including medical cell biology, animal disease models, medical molecular biology, medical electrophysiology, medical nano material, medical genetics and bioinformatics, pathology and medical imaging, drug research and development. Respectively, eight research centres are also established upon those areas.

希尔顿娱乐注册_希尔顿娱乐官网_希尔顿娱乐APP Aside from strengths of our team, the strategic cooperation relationships with more than 300 laboratories around the nation can meet the demands on over 90% medical researches. 

To date, we have provided high-quality services to over 5000 medical research teams, and have helped a great number of our objective customers with a continual development in their scientific careers. 

When we provide services to our customers, we always stick to our company’s vision of ‘To lead medical research and improve human health’, and our mission of “To make medical research easier’. During the long time operation of our company, we have become the first one to raise the concept of Scientific Research 5.0 and have been practicing it in our daily activities. In addition, we have also invented a useful tool encompassing six fundamental ways to help propose new ideas for scientific researches.